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Culinary specialities

France offers a wide variety of flavours and specialities, and the Dieppe region is very proud of its products. Here are some specialities for you to try whilst on holiday here.

Apple caramel spread


This famous spread was first concocted in Martin-Eglise. In fact, you can go there to take a tour of the workshops that make it. Watch as sugar, salted or unsalted butter and apple sauce are transformed before your very eyes into a sweet topping that will soon become a staple in your pantry. By buying a jar, either plain (in a green jar), with salted butter (yellow jar) or cinnamon (red jar), you are doing a good deed, because you’re supporting a social inclusion initiative. Once you’ve tried it, we promise you won’t want to spread anything else on your crêpes!

Marmite dieppoise

A must-try

This Norman speciality is a seafood stew (made with scallops, langoustines, king prawns, shrimp, mussels and more). We read somewhere that it is “a Norman version of a bouillabaisse, with crème fraîche added”, and that’s not far from the truth. You can prepare it yourself by following this recipe or simply by sitting down at a table in the restaurant that bears its name, A la Marmite Dieppoise.

Goubert oysters

A short supply chain

To sample these fresh products whilst looking out to sea, we recommend a visit to L’Huîtrière. Georges Goubert and his sister Aline have been maturing oysters, farmed elsewhere in Normandy, in a pond in Pourville for nearly 60 years. From 10 am to 6 pm, you can settle in and enjoy this seafood with a glass of white wine. You can also buy your oysters there and head back to your “home sweet home” for a high-quality cocktail hour!