Foire aux HarengsFoire aux Harengs
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Fish marketsFish from Dieppe are top-choice fish!

Fish markets

To bring part of the ocean back home with you, remember to bring a cooler and be sure to stop by the fish markets at the Port of Dieppe! You will undoubtedly cross paths there with chefs from local restaurants who have come to pick up their supply of freshly caught fish and scallops for the daily specials.

Well-stocked stalls

On either side of the Pont Ango bridge, fishermen bring out their fresh catches. First and foremost, it’s a real feast for the eyes. With each new tide, cascades of gleaming fish come slipping and sliding onto the stalls. Depending on the season, you will find spreads overflowing with turbot, weevers, brill or plaice, and advice from the pros is always welcome: you can cook flatfish like sea bass, mackerel and mullet in the oven, poach it or even grill it, before the start of scallop season, from October to May.

Fancy a seafood platter? Morning strollers will easily be able to find crabs, whelks, velvet crabs and winkles.

See you at the port

Meet the fishermen’s wives at the fish markets on Quai Trudaine and Quai Henri IV, from Tuesday to Saturday (roughly 7:30 am to 1 pm). The catch will depend on the elements: in very bad weather, the boats do not go out, so there are no sales the following day.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Tourist Office for more information!