© Mémorial du 19 août 1942 | Yann Pelcat
19 August 1942 Memorial

For history buffs

Dedicated to the memory of the soldiers killed during Operation Jubilee, the 19 August 1942 Memorial has been housed since 2002 in the Italian-style theatre built in 1826.

There, you will find documents, objects and models which pay tribute to the soldiers, sailors and pilots who participated in the raid.

Emotions guaranteed

Brought to life by a team of volunteers and supported by the town, this site is imbued with a real aura and is a must-see for anyone interested in heritage tourism in Dieppe.

Between the film intermingling the course of the operation with eye witness accounts, the touching Faces of Memory, portraits of veterans decorating the former stage, and the Memorial Wall, a list of the 1,197 casualties of the raid, no one comes out of the memorial unscathed.