Jeune surfeur face aux falaisesJeune surfeur face aux falaises
©Surf à Pourville|© Teddy Verneuil
Water activitiesThe joys of the sea

Water activities

Sailing, surfing, fishing and so on: the ocean makes for a fabulous playground. Whether or not you have your sea legs, you can’t come to Dieppe without dipping your toe in. Take an invigorating swim, learn to sail or go on a coastal excursion. Whatever you choose, a breath of fresh air is guaranteed!

All aboard, mateys!

Cercle de la Voile de Dieppe

Climb on board for an outing on a sailing boat. Feel rested as you listen to the lapping waves, invigorated by the open air or exhilarated if you choose to take the helm… Go with the flow and don’t miss out on this maritime experience, open to one and all. Cercle de la Voile also offers dinghy sailing (on an Optimist, a Funboat, a Laser 4.7, Radial or Standard, or a catamaran).

Friendly cruises

Dieppe Voiles et Falaises

Let Dieppe Voiles & Falaises carry you away. Climb aboard a 9.5 metre Beneteau First 31.7, a comfortable sailing boat, for a tour around Dieppe, the Alabaster Coast or even the English coast. Take advantage of the experience of their capable skippers!

Between day cruises, coastal cruises, high-sea cruises and regattas, you can adapt the format to your needs. The association even offers evening excursions. Can’t you just picture yourself with a champagne flute in hand, sailing past the cliffs and admiring the sunset? You have to admit, it’s tempting, isn’t it?

Glide on the water

Surfing and paddleboarding

In a charming little seaside resort on the coast, Surf’In Pourville gives you a chance to try an activity like paddleboarding or sea kayaking. From taking lessons to going out on your own, there are many options open to you.

All that’s left for you to do is glide over the water, running alongside the cliffs and enjoying a unique perspective.

A review from the bloggers LezBroz

Teddy VerneuilTeddy Verneuil
©Teddy Verneuil

Yes, you can go surfing near Dieppe! We were able to polish our knowledge of surfing at Surf’In Pourville, on a sublime beach lined with cliffs.

To make the most of the thrills of surfing, it is essential to take a class to gain a better understanding of the sport. After receiving detailed explanations, we took advantage of the Norman sun to ride our first waves.

It was low tide, so there weren’t any huge waves to tackle, but we were still able to let off steam and perfect our technique on smaller waves. Guaranteed excitement and thrills!

Teddy & Thomas

France Station Nautique awarded the FSN label to the Station Nautique Dieppe Pays Normand water sport centre on 5 December 2005. In France, a station nautique is more than a water sport centre. It is also a local structure responsible for coordinating sporting and tourist water activities, as well as for their sustainability. It contributes to the region’s economic, social and cultural development.

Station Nautique Dieppe Pays Normand works with many sailing and fishing operators who meet on a regular basis to collaborate on joint projects and organize activities at the centre. It is required to comply with a number of core principles, such as being open to all kinds of people, offering water activities in multiple disciplines and holding classes all year long.