Deux jeunes garçons pêchant avec une canne sur la jetéeDeux jeunes garçons pêchant avec une canne sur la jetée
©Pêche sur le jetée de Dieppe|Giada Connestari
Go fishingFrom the sea to the supper plate

Go fishing

What a treat to be able to eat your own catch! Several options are open to you in our region…

Coastal foraging is easy to do as a family, to catch shellfish and small crustaceans. For those who hear the call of the ocean blue, you can book an open-sea fishing trip with Navigation Normande (reservations required).

Lastly, the most experienced fishers who have their own gear can go angling from the jetty in Dieppe or take advantage of the freshwater rivers in the region’s hinterland.

An outing by the sea

Foraging for shellfish

What could be more fun than foraging along the coast with your family in the morning, with a bucket in your hand and a small knife in your pocket, and then going home and sitting down to table together to dine on your catch?

The call of the ocean

Open-sea fishing

Head out to the fish-filled waters off the coast of Dieppe! The crew from Navigation Normande takes small groups out in motorboats on friendly fishing parties for a half day or a full day.

Are you beginners? No problem. Alban and his team will lend you the gear you need and teach you the basics of fishing. Kids and non-fishing companions are also welcome!

The most experienced fishers can perfect their technique and take advantage of the crew’s sound advice.

A lively spot

Jetty fishing

You don’t need a permit to catch saltwater fish with your gear on your own. Just head on over to the western jetty, the spot where the best fishers in Dieppe set up their rods.

Drop your line in the water and wait patiently, or else use a jig or cast your line between nosediving seagulls. Mackerels and whiting are sure to bite!

A soothing pastime

Freshwater fishing

For those who appreciate the peaceful flow of a river or the tranquillity of a pond, Dieppe’s hinterland has many a fishing trail available to you.

Fill up your basket with trout, salmon and carp! And don’t forget to bring your current, valid fishing permit with you.