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Ferry/Cross-Channel Port

From sailboats to dfds seaways


Dieppe has always been a privileged crossing point between France and England. When William, who was not yet the "Conqueror", and his Normans set foot in English lands and conquer territories across the Channel, they initiate the Channel link.

Ferry © Jean Decaux Over the centuries, French-English traffic has been turbulent because of the very large number of conflicts between the two countries. It is from the port of Dieppe that many Protestants will go into exile in England because they found more tolerance, so they settled there. From 1793, a sailboat named "The Royal Brothers", commanded by Captain Burton, provided a passenger transport. The crossing takes about fourteen to sixteen hours and you had to embark on a rowboat to get into the boat. At that time, there were other boats like the "Princesses of Wales", "Duchess of York" or "Princess Royal": they were all English boats.

On 16 and 17 March 1816, the first crossing of the Channel takes place from Newhaven with a small ship of 21 meters long, the "Margery".

The arrival and the expansion of the railway upset the deal. The railway line Paris-London via Dieppe was inaugurated in 1848. To increase the profitability of the crossings, it was a race to speed and size. From 1866, the propulsion propeller appears before the turbine in the early twentieth century.

Since May 1, 1889, the expansion of the port allows ships to respect schedules fixed because they do not have to wait for high tide anymore. Until 1994, ferries arrived in the heart of the city, along the quay Henri IV. A new cross-Channel terminal has been in service on the other port since 4 August 1994.


Ferry © Jean DecauxThe tourism and economic development of the Normandy coast passes through the Dieppe-Newhaven line. The commissioning of two modern ferries allows the line to relive and it gives to the new operator, the company DFDS Seaways the tools of to succeed. Two connections a day (3 in Summer) are provided by the Albâtre coast or the Seven Sisters, between Dieppe and Newhaven in 4 hours crossing.
 The capacity of the boats is: 140 cars, 40 trucks and 600 passengers.
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