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Ocean excursionsTake to the open sea

Take to the open sea

Enjoy the magnificent view of the limestone cliffs whilst travelling on board a safe, comfortable and spacious boat or whilst manning the helm under the safe and watchful eye of a professional. A unique experience awaits you, with a fantastic way to discover the Channel!

Take the helm!

On board a sailing boat

Revel in the ocean spray during an outing along the coast. You can even get a thrilling jolt of adrenaline by taking the tiller and participating in the boat’s manoeuvres, under the watchful eye of your skipper.

This adventure is open to children and is sure to remain etched in their memories. As a precaution though, all passengers must be able to swim.

A trip across the Channel

Take the ferry

Take advantage of your trip to Dieppe for a quick jaunt to England. London and Brighton await, just a few hours away, for a complete change in scenery. How will Brexit affect this? You will need to show a passport beginning in October 2021. Contact us for further details, and then welcome to the excitement of British life!