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Commercial Port

The commercial port, first banana port at the beginning of the 19th century


Port de commerce © Yann Pelcat At the beginning of the 19th century, the commercial port of Dieppe did not lack of activities. It has even become the first port in France for the import of bananas from the Canary Islands and citrus fruits from Morocco. Its relative position to Paris is a great help for the development of commercial activity in Dieppe.

Oil port until the end of the First World War, Dieppe specialized in the fruits traffic, oleaginous and various materials. From 1913, it imposed itself as the French banana port by excellence. The booming business requires new equipment. In 1931, for example, appeared the first isothermal installation intended to better preserve the precious fruits.

In the 2000s, the port of Dieppe experienced a collapse of its exotic fruit trade, mainly because of the road transport and the dominance of the port of Anvers in the area.



Eolienne The acquisition by the Union of the port of Dieppe, which manage the port since January 2007, of lifting equipment and the layout of the medians are a strong signal for the port operators, who already dispose of a qualified staff and an ideal geographical location for an open business in the Channel. The commercial port of Dieppe, formerly specialized in fruit traffic, is seeking a new lease of life. This new wind is implied by the transit of wind turbine elements.
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