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Fishing Port



Bateaux de pêche © Yann Pelcat A figurehead in the port sector, the Dieppe fishery specializes in scallops. First shellfish port of France, the fishing port of Dieppe is the anchor of the town identity.

Starting from the 12th century, Dieppe’s fishermen became the biggest fresh fish suppliers of Paris and Rouen. Three quarters of the supply of Parisian markets came from Dieppe in the eighteenth century, by the mean of the "Chasse-Marée".

Biggest port of the kingdom under the reign of Louis XIV, Dieppe is also a herring port and the town provided all of the Normans abbeys at the beginning of the 11th century.

Pêcheurs dieppois © Yann Pelcat

During the Restauration, the Dieppois armed themselves to go to Terre-Neuve and Iceland. In 1820, the Dieppe fleet for cod fishing was made of about thirty ships. However, this type of fishing gradually disappeared to benefit the fresh fishing.

After the war, the fishing industry resumed its activities. Despite the damage of the war, Dieppe has remained an important fishing center.




Fishing activity, installed in the Duquesne basin, is known for the importance of its fleet: thirty-four coquillards, four trawlers and nine gillnetters.
Two fish market are open to the general public quay Trudaine and quay Henri IV.
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