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Sports and leisures

Varenne Plein Air

Want to move, stroll or just have fun? Alone, with the family or with friends? Come and take advantage of the multitude of activities in a green setting.

The “Varenne Plein Air” is on the bank of a 20ha lake, in the heart of the Varrenne valley. Archery, mountain biking, naval modeling, rowing, mountain climbing, handisport ….. all these activities await you, as well as various types of light sailing, from dinghy to the “Skiff of Ness”. Sessions for public with reduced mobility are available from the beginning of April to the end of June.




Open all year


April 1 to the All Saints holidays in November: Monday-Friday 9am-12pm, 1.30pm-5.30pm. Weekend: 2pm-6pm.

Low season: All Saints holidays to Easter: Monday-Friday: 9am -12pm, 1.30pm-5.30pm

Rentals April 1 to October 31. 


Association Varenne Plein Air
Base de loisirs de la Varenne
76510 Saint-Aubin-le-Cauf
Tél. : 02 35 85 69 05
Mail :



An adventure course among trees 3 to 14 metres high, would be a great day out for the whole family or with friends. Discover the thrills of the 4 acrobatic track in trees with grips, jumps, net courses. Also available are games of skills, concentration and reflex such as skittle and shovel board.

New from 2011: paintball adventures.




Open all year on reservation


Bénédicte et Richard Merrienne
101, Route de la Mer
76590 Dénestanville
Tél. : 09 60 07 08 30 / 06 73 32 82 04
E-mail :


Dieppe Bowling

The air-conditioned bowling in Dieppe has 8 alleys with equipment adapted for children, beginners and handicapped people. You will also find billiards and American pools tables and games machines. The bar has a speciality of cocktails. Cold buffets, pre-dinner aperitifs and snacks are available.







Open daily, all year from 12pm to 4am (according to the days)


Monsieur Sébastien Desseaux
Centre Commercial du Belvédère
76200 Dieppe
Tél.: 02 32 14 00 20
E-mail :


Casino de Dieppe

The Dieppe Casino, your games’ destination, welcomes you all year with 107 games machines taking from €0,01 to €2, English roulette, black jack, poker and card games.



Open daily, all year, 10am to 3am on weekdays and 10am to 4am on weekends.


Virginie Peterson
3 boulevard de Verdun
76200 Dieppe
Tél. : 02 32 14 48 00
Fax : 02 32 14 48 05
E-mail :


Euro Dieppe Karting

Euro Dieppe has 2 karting circuits: an outdoor 700m circuit and a 200m indoor circuit. Between friends, family or colleagues, you will experience big thrills. Stag/hen nights, adult/children birthdays, company seminars can be arranged. Cold buffets, couscous, sauerkraut available on reservation. Minimum age: 7 years. Rates: €22 per person for 15 minutes to 1 hour.






Open January 2 to December 31 from 2pm to 8pm Monday to Thursday and Sunday, and 2pm to midnight Friday and Saturday. Closed Tuesday except during the school holidays for zones B and C.


Monsieur Patrice Leclerc
Zone d’activité verte BP 037
76370 Rouxmesnil-Bouteilles
Tél. /Fax: 02 35 06 13 33
E-mail :


Société des Courses de Dieppe

The race course is a wealth at the edge of Dieppe. This large green area spreads over 70ha and offers a true spectacle in a friendly and homely atmosphere. Meals are available.



Races from June 5 to September 22

Open on racing days from 12pm to 7.30pm


Maître Laurent beuvin
Hippodrome de Dieppe-Rouxmesnil
BP 202
76206 Dieppe Cedex
Tél.: 02 35 84 11 49
Fax : 02 35 84 14 68
E-mail :


Les Ailes d’Albâtre


Based in the airport of Dieppe Saint Aubin, the company « Wings of Alabaster » offers a wide range of services with pendular or autogyro micro lights over various circuits : Dieppe and its cliffs, Arques-la-Bataille, or as per your wish. This club is ideal for a first micro light flight, learning how to pilot, taking superb aerial photographs, doing air acrobatics, circuits of 1-2 hours. “Wings of Alabaster” invites you for your dream flight and a lot more all year round.




Open all year on request and weather permitting

Minimum age: 4-5 years


Philippe Gallot
Aérodrome de Dieppe – Saint Aubin
76550 Saint Aubin-sur-Scie
Tél. : 06 21 74 64 02
Fax : 02 35 84 76 71
E-mail :


Air Libre Parachutisme

Hooked to a state qualified instructor, you will carry out your 1st 2 seater parachute jump. On reaching an altitude of 3000m by plane, you will experience a 40 second free fall and 8 minutes under a tandem sail, ending in a gentle landing. This 1st approach to parachuting demands 15 minutes preparation.



Open mid-February to end November 9am to 7pm. Closed Wednesday.


Conditions :

  • Parental permission for minors
  • Medical certificate compulsory
  • Minimum age 15 years


Monsieur Serge Savin
Aérodrome de Dieppe
76550 Saint Aubin-sur-Scie
Tél. /Fax : 02 35 82 38 68
Portable : 06 07 72 09 88
E-mail :


D.S.N. Dieppe Scène Nationale

Theatre, dance, circus, puppets, music …..DSN ‘Dieppe Scène Nationale’ has more than 40 shows per season for all ages and all tastes. DSN is also the cinema of Dieppe and its surroundings. It has an ‘ART and Trial’ grading and has more than 800 showings and 200 films per season.






It is open all year from Tuesday to Sunday, 2pm to 6pm or as per the show timings.



Madame Cécile Bertin
Quai Berigny
76200 Dieppe
Tél.: 02 35 82 04 43
Fax : 02 32 90 00 34
E-mail :
Site Internet :


International Kite Festival

Dieppe Capitale du Cerf-Volant
BP 142
76204 Dieppe Cedex
E-mail :


Equestrian Centres


Ecurie du Val – PoneyClub
02 35 84 26 26


Centre équestre & Poney Club du Colombier
02 35 04 12 61


Haras des Vertus
02 35 82 55 31