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One port, four activities

Port de Dieppe

Since the 12th century, Dieppe’s proximity to Paris and its plentiful fish, explain the prominent role of this town as an important port. Colbert, Vauban then Trudain each drew up extension plans, but it was only in the 19th century that one saw the new basins appear. Passenger service between Dieppe and England added to the prosperity of the town since 1790.

Dieppe is the first French fishing port for scallops, the marina closest to Paris and a commercial port. Until the end of the 70's Dieppe was the first banana port of France. Ever since the banana trade was carried out by containers, hence from ports that were equipped for such trade, the cross channel traffic constitutes the main commercial maritime activity in Dieppe.

From the end of 2011 a dry dock will enable the mooring of 300 motor boats of up to 7 metres long, that can be launched thanks to the completely automatic transstocker. The 1000 mooring rings in the conventional port will be available to sail boats and launches.

The history of the town is intimately linked to the sea since its origin. Situated in the centre of the town, the port of Dieppe and its numerous basins are totally interlinked to the town.


“A port in the town, a town in the port”.

1600 jobs are created by the port of Dieppe, whose management is in the hands of the Dieppe Port Association since 2007. A large investment campaign planned until 2013 will allow the port to improve its four activities and succeed in the economic and touristic development of Dieppe.


La pêchePêcheurs dieppois

Fishing is at the helm of the coastal sector and is specialized in scallops. The leading French port for shellfish, the fishing port of Dieppe is the base of its identity. The largest port in the kingdom under Louis XIV, Dieppe is also synonymous to herring. From the 11th century, this town supplied herring to all the Abbeys in Normandy. The fishing activity, in the Duquesne dock is reputed for its fleet 47 boats (for shellfish, flat fish, etc).


The Marina

Port de plaisanceThe Marina directed towards leisure, animation and tourism, completes the coastal installations of the oldest seaside resorts of France. It is also the beach closest to Paris and on the most direct axe to London.






The Commercial port 
Port de commerce

The Commercial port used to specialise in fruit trade but is now looking for new ventures. This new enterprise is boosted by the transit of windmill parts.






The Cross Channel Ferries

FerryThe Cross Channel Ferries with its two ships linking Dieppe to Newhaven was launched by the Department of Seine Maritime. This service contributes to the touristic and economic development of the full region.







Syndicat Mixte du Port de Dieppe 
24, quai du Carénage 
BP 40213
76201 Dieppe
Tél. : 02 35 06 86 56 / Fax : 02 35 84 86 93
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