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Our must-try snacksSweet delights

Sweet delights

Between brioche, cream puffs, macarons and more, our selection of sweet treats will make your mouth water. Why wait? Plan a scrumptious snack now!


Brioche with nutella

From Masson

Why? Because these mini-brioches are just too cute, and it’s a real joy to bite into one and find creamy chocolate in the centre of the pastry…



From Divernet

Why? Because these are favourites amongst sweet treats, available in an infinite number of colours and flavours, each more surprising than the last… and because they’re so pretty!


Bouchons normands

From Roussel

Why? Because these little almond biscuits stuffed with praline and a roasted, caramelized almond, dipped in coconut, are simply divine!


Pear pies

From Banette

Why? Because they are a real tradition in the region around All Saints Day, and they’re only available for about a month. These pears are a real rarity…


Galets de Dieppe

From Maison Canaple

Why? Because you’re always pleasantly surprised by these little slices of bread, with their sliced almonds and confectioner’s custard, and because it’s hard to eat just one…



From Les pépites de pain

Why? Because we all have Proust’s madeleines in mind, and because they’re so melt-in-your-mouth delicious.



From Masson

Why? Because the puff pastry used in these baked goods is truly without equal… It is so crisp and so light, and just melts in your mouth.