Une maman porte sa fille dans les bras pour qu'elle puisse admirer une vitrine présentant des sculptures en ivoireUne maman porte sa fille dans les bras pour qu'elle puisse admirer une vitrine présentant des sculptures en ivoire
©Musée de Dieppe|Eric Bénard
Our selection of museums

To visit as a family

Set off to discover the cultural riches of the Dieppe region. Here are our recommendations of fun museums to visit as a family.

Enrich yourselves and awaken your little ones’ curiosity by showing them beautiful collections and locations which are often enhanced by temporary exhibitions. Make your choice amongst these museums and head off for a day’s outing…

Our ancestors’ daily lives

History museum of daily life

Want to learn about history through ancient objects, accounts and mementos? The History Museum of Daily Life is the perfect place to do that. Here, in Saint-Martin-en-Campagne, you will have the opportunity to discover period photos, endearing objects of yesteryear and staged scenes.

Give your kids a glimpse at normal life a long time ago. A wonderful tribute to past generations and above all a great idea for a family outing!

Time will tell…

Clock-making museum

Located in Saint-Nicolas-d’Aliermont, this museum features an amazing collection of clocks, watches and other objects relating to clock-making, from the early 18th century to the present day, all of them fascinating and enchanting mechanisms… A complete immersion in the world of timekeeping awaits you and your family when you set foot inside the clock-maker’s workshop.

You will undoubtedly be hypnotized by the skill put into the complicated inner workings. In total, more than 400 objects, machines, tools and documents are on display in this beautiful showcase for time. Fun, educational workshops for kids are offered on a regular basis. So, stop checking your watch and start looking all around you.

In the heart of Dieppe’s history

Museum of Dieppe

Young visitors will love taking a tour of a museum located inside a fortified castle! Join them in retracing the history of the town of Dieppe. Impress them with enormous model boats, surprise them with the craftsmanship of ivory workers back in the day, and help them get an idea of the first sea bathing by showing them paintings of Dieppe’soceanfront, which they can see for themselves a few metres away, maybe even by looking out a window. This museum is perfect for awakening the whole family’s curiosity…

Secrets of the coast

Estran-Cité de la Mer

Not far from Quai Henri IV, in the centre of town, is a terrific museum to explore as a family, with fish tanks that will delight more than one member of your merry band! This museum is home to 1,600 m² of exhibitions on the coastal and marine environment of Upper Normandy.

Through a multitude of activities, discover the treasures of the seashore and learn how to forage for shellfish. Lastly, it is a wonderful opportunity to learn and raise the awareness of your children, the next generation, on the need to protect our oceans.