Façade nord style Louis XIII du Château de Miromesnil, personnes sur des transats installées dans la courFaçade nord style Louis XIII du Château de Miromesnil, personnes sur des transats installées dans la cour
©Château de Miromesnil|Yann Pelcat
Château de Miromesnil

An incredible residence

The labels it has earned – Remarkable Garden, Home of Luminaries and Historic Monument – are proof of this property’s beauty and skilful upkeep.

A place steeped in history

Thanks to its illustrious residents

Pass through the superb listed beech forest surrounding the entire property to enter the château. A listed Historic Monument, the building is located on the site of an old fortified castle which was destroyed in 1539. Let this majestic building, bedecked with two turrets, reveal itself to you…

Constructed during the 16th and 17th centuries, the Henri IV and Louis XIII style façades give the impression of belonging to two different châteaux. A tour of this monument is a chance to meet its illustrious past residents: the Marquis de Miromesnil, Keeper of the Seals under Louis XVI, and the famous writer Guy de Maupassant, who was born there. The different rooms preserve and re-create the memory of those men.

Outside, the park boasts 3,000 trees and one of the greatest treasures of Miromesnil, a small 15th century chapel, a listed monument and mediaeval remnant which survived reconstruction after the Second World War.

A château which is always animated

In every season

Mr. and Mrs. Romatet have lived in the château with their three children since 2004. The property has been in the same family for three generations. It was acquired by Nathalie Romatet’s grandparents, the Count and Countess of Vogüé, in 1938. Nowadays, the young owners are bursting with ideas. From the traditional vegetable sale to the astonishing international yarn festival, the Château de Miromesnil is anything but boring.

Here, each season has its own highlights. In April, you can explore the area around the property during an Easter egg hunt. In autumn, you can stroll through the gardens before buying vegetables to take home. And as for the end of the year, the focus is on warmth, good cheer and magic. Enter the château’s inner sanctum as you sip on some delicious mulled wine and wander through the Christmas market, one of the best in the region. But that’s not all…