Jeune homme de dos regardant le soleil se coucher sur la plage de Pourville-sur-MerJeune homme de dos regardant le soleil se coucher sur la plage de Pourville-sur-Mer
©Coucher de soleil sur la plage de Pourville-sur-Mer|Teddy Verneuil
Best spots at sunset

Colourful evenings

Meet up in one of these four places when the sun goes down and hides below the horizon, reflecting its gorgeous glow out over the water. The colours change quickly but above all are truly magical. Lovely shadows may appear on the beaches, while the limestone cliffs may take on a pinkish-purple mantle. A real outdoor masterpiece… So, hurry and snap a pic!


At the Pourville viewpoint

As you wind along the road to Pourville, there is a special spot where you can admire the view of the pretty little beach and take pictures that will blow your loved ones away. So, park your car and make the most of a dazzling sunset!


From Dieppe Beach

Pull out your smartphone or your camera. You’re in the right place to immortalize the setting sun. At the foot of the cliffs, you can even take advantage of this time to enjoy a beverage on the terrace of Le Bar O Mètre or admire the scene from the restaurant Le Bas Fort Blanc. Absolutely instantaneous and absolutely perfect!


From the Port of Dieppe

You can set up your tripod here or simply enjoy the view with your eyes. You can even take a seat on La Dunette’s large wooden terrace, overlooking the marina. With a little luck, a boat or two will be coming back to port, creating lovely eddies in the water… What a cherished moment of completeness!


From the ponds in Arques

For another unmissable sundown, head to the ponds of Arques. The great ball in the sky shines brightly over the large stretch of water before setting behind the Château d’Arques, overlooking the whole scene. On Bastille Day (14 July), you can watch the fireworks from this same spot. It really lends itself to those extraordinary lights…