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Dieppe and Canada

For 500 years, Canada’s history is greatly blended with Dieppe, which streets and souvenirs monuments are the main witnesses.


Since the end of the 15th century and all through the 16th century, the waters of the New World, rich in fish, attracted a great number of sailors from Brittany and Normandy, who gradually established regular contacts with the natives. The Europeans discovered new products such as animal furs. Henry IV then accorded monopolies to companies for the fur trade. The French succeeded in installing trading posts to insure the defense of the territory and convert the American Indians.


In the 16th century, explorers such as the Verranzano brothers, left Dieppe and discovered Canada which they called “New France”. Dieppe is at this time a rapidly growing town. Riches and products of the whole world flow into the port which reaches its glory. Jehan Ango contributed directly to this growth. He got the bankers involved to finance the commercial travels and the exploration missions.

In the 17th century commercial relations rose (fishing, fur) and from 1620 Dieppe became one of the main ports of departures for New France. The living conditions were very difficult and the settlers often returned to France at the end of their contract. Numerous inhabitants of Dieppe, such as the three Lemoyne brothers, started their family in New-France. Charles had a long and famous lineage. His bravery and role in New-France got him the title of Baron, the first in this territory.

 The square of Canada, which was inaugurated in 1924 at the foot of the Castle, is the representation of the relationship nurtured between Dieppe and the Canada during centuries. Three years later, this square was widening by the association “Amys du Vieux Dieppe” who has constructed a monument commemorating the different events and characters of this common history.

The close relations, marked by the Jubilee Operation, an Anglo-Canadian raid on 19th August 1942, continue to date. Thus a town of New Brunswick was named Dieppe in 1952. In 2000 an official charter of friendship was signed between the 2 towns.

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