Fauteuil oeuf en cuir dans un coin de la pièce décoré de nombreux cadres d'aviation vintageFauteuil oeuf en cuir dans un coin de la pièce décoré de nombreux cadres d'aviation vintage
©Le Petit Prince a dit / Les Petites Suites Dieppoises|Drake Tamron
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For a chic holiday

For refined or trendy décor in unusual or industrial locations, with elegant furnishings, here is our best in class of the rentals full of character that have popped up in our region.


Les Petites Suites Dieppoises

Enchanting locations

Les Petites Suites Dieppoises rentals stand for more than just a place to lay your head! Located in Dieppe’s historic town centre, each one makes for an elegant safe haven. Decorated with great taste, each flat will immerse you in a different atmosphere for a fabulous break where time stands still.

Whether the ambiance is one of sewing machines and airy chiffon at L’Atelier Couture or that of the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s most famous work at Le Petit Prince a Dit, there can be no doubt that you will enjoy a real change in scenery.

Noble materials, brick and an eclectic assortment of sometimes repurposed furniture make these rentals into truly cosy nests. Karine and Mayeul are dedicated to offering each guest a warm and attentive welcome.

La Halle au Blé

An equestrian loft

An unexpected spot in the heart of town! Hidden away behind the main doors of a block of flats on Rue de la Halle au Blé, former stables have been converted into a loft.

High ceilings, exposed brick and large spaces are the keys to this location in Dieppe. In addition to its more unusual features, this rental is close to the town’s shops and tourist attractions.