Château de DieppeChâteau de Dieppe perché sur la falaise, vue sur le front de mer à l'arrière plan
©Château de Dieppe perché sur la falaise, vue sur le front de mer à l'arrière plan|Giada Connestari
Château de Dieppe

An imposing guardian

Facing the ocean and the town, the Château de Dieppe looks down on the city below, suggesting to some that it was built more to keep an eye on the town than to defend it. A tour of the château’s grounds is an opportunity to take a short hike whilst searching for remnants of the fortified town.

A fortified castle

In a special location

The original château was built around the same time as the town’s defensive walls (between 1340 and 1360), whose two turrets on the beach are the most visible parts. Be sure to spend a few moments on the esplanade, gazing out at the panoramic views. Explore the northwestern part of the building which defines the town limits with its towering keep, at the top of which you can still see traces of the crenellations in place before the addition of the pepperpot roof. The tower is made up of alternating flint and sandstone. The surrounding wall to the west leads to a postern door through which you can enter the château.

A stroll

Through the ages

Once you reach the inner courtyard, head down through the four separate courtyards representing the main eras when the building was modified and expanded. You can still see remnants of the old Saint-Rémy Church at the southern end. Whatever route you choose, you will be able to examine the architecture and the various materials use to construct it, allowing you to decipher the monument’s history and evolution.