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Les Bains de Dieppe

Swimming and well-being

Les Bains de Dieppe is part of a culture of leisure, relaxation and wellness… for all!

Historically, Dieppe was the first seaside resort town in France to offer sea water treatments, back in 1812. The aquatic centre and marine spa is located on the seafront and has become a real sport, leisure and wellness complex. Open year round, Les Bains now includes an aquatic centre and a fitness room, a marine spa and a restaurant with a view of the sea and the pools.

Fill up on serenity

From the simple pleasure of taking a dip in heated saltwater, in either an indoor or an outdoor pool, to playful and sporting activities, everything here is arranged for you to have a wonderful time. Kids tend to prefer the water slide, while older guests may choose to walk upstream against an endless-lap river, soak in the hot tub or stretch out on a hydromassage bench in the pool…

On the fitness side of things, the room is fitted with weightlifting and cardio machines. Fitness fans can enjoy the pleasure of working out, nice and dry, before moving on to the pleasure of relaxation in the hammam, the sauna or the private outdoor solarium.

The ocean spray and the active marine ingredients contribute to guests’ relaxation, vitality and health. The packages on offer go beyond an escape over the water, providing a real fitness treatment. Body and beauty services are available while you take a break or over a period of one to six days.

Voyages for everyone

In keeping with the resort spirit of Dieppe, the spa treatments use the expert thalassotherapy brand Algotherm, a pioneer in marine cosmetics for the past 40 years.

Relax your muscles, eliminate trigger points or recharge your batteries: multiple options are available.

Discovery Voyage: focus on hydrotherapy! Fitness Voyage: a programme of up to six days to stock up on vitality. Silhouette Voyage: a real slimming treatment to reshape your figure and firm up your skin for a more harmonious and toned body. Wellness Voyage: targets both body and mind through body and facial treatments designed to help you regain your youth and beauty and to produce a real feeling of improved inner well-being.

Future mums and babies are not left out, thanks to relaxation programmes and products made specially for them. There are even sensory treatments for children: Rest for Princes and Princesses, Royal Parent-Child Duo and more: soothing massages of the back, neck, arms and legs scented with honey and vanilla. Because it’s never too early for a massage!

Take a dip!

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