Aire de jeux pour les enfants sur la plage de Dieppe.Aire de jeux pour les enfants sur la plage de Dieppe.
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What not to missFamily outings

Our best in class for family-friendly activities

Is “Not without my family” your motto? Here are our ideas for outings and discoveries to enjoy with your children once you arrive in Dieppe.


Foraging for shellfish

To give them a breath of fresh air

Do you have early risers in your family? Make the most of that by taking them out to the shoals to look for mussels and winkles! Breathe in the invigorating, brisk morning air. Your kids will be able to splash around in the ripples, poke at little crabs and dig in the sand to their hearts’ content. They will leave with plenty of wonderful memories and the healthy fatigue that comes from the ocean air. Check the tide tables and follow our recommendations.



To help them take off

Is there a bit of a breeze today? Then this is the perfect opportunity to try to get a kite off the ground. The wide grassy fields by Dieppe Beach are ideal for this activity. At first, you’ll stand behind your child, holding the handles together.

But soon, your kids will get into the fun and will be proud of their kiting prowess when they manage to get their contraptions to take flight. Add to that the magic of watching a butterfly, dragon or aeroplane soaring through the sky, and all of your eyes will be gleaming with delight!



To fill them with wonder

Even you, as an adult, will want to climb on board this gorgeous ride which harkens back to days of yore. Between wooden horses, classic cars, horse-drawn carriages and more, your kids can spend a few spins playing at being knights, pilots or princesses. Set up on the port, this merry-go-round will be the stuff of daydreams for your little ones!



To entertain them

An odd little way to explore the town of Dieppe. Behind the wheel of these machines, your clan will be thrilled to take control and pick their own routes! And for whoever’s pedalling, put a little muscle into it!

Ride along the oceanfront for gorgeous views of the cliffs. And there’s nothing to prevent you from giving in to temptation and stopping at a stand selling crêpes or other sweet treats.

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Miniature golf

To help them focus

The choice is yours! Dieppe, Offranville and Hautot-sur-Mer all have their own miniature golf course, located in a pleasant setting.

Whether you would rather a view of the ocean, a spot right by a floral park or a château as your backdrop, you can relax and have fun with your family on the greens. How many strokes will you take to get the ball in the hole?


Mini go-karts

To excite them

Give your kids a thrill by letting them pretend to be behind the wheel of a racing car, ready to compete on a racetrack! Just head on over to Square Pinsdez by the seashore in Dieppe. They’ll have a ball on this small track with the fun go-karts they’re sure to love.



To help them let off steam

Between sand, slides and swings, your kids can spend hours in these recreational areas. There are playgrounds scattered all over the region. The one on Dieppe’s seashore is quite massive, with a gigantic boat on board which your little ones will turn into dashing young pirates. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for advice. You can also visit the pages dedicated to our beaches for more information.

Is it raining? No problem. You’ll find an indoor playground at L’Ilot Pirate.