Parc Canadien Reve De Bisons Muchedent Sma H ZanglParc Canadien Reve De Bisons Muchedent Sma H Zangl
©Parc Canadien Reve De Bisons Muchedent Sma H Zangl
Bonding timeWith the animal kingdom

Meet animals

Contact with animals provides so many benefits. Want to give your kids that experience?

Discover our wildlife parks, equestrian centres, the aquarium at Estran Cité de la Mer, and more…

Horse and pony rides

Equestrian centres and pony clubs

Kids ages 3 and up can set off on an adventure on the back of a pony (or a horse, for older riders). This delightful experience demands a combination of balance, patience and a love of animals and nature. Many children dream of riding a horse.

So, make this trip an unforgettable one by taking them to one of our region’s equestrian centres. Between equestrian games, vaulting, riding lessons, information on the animals and their grooming and tacking, and more, you’ll find something for everyone in these warm, family-friendly settings. More experienced equestrians can even go for a ride on the seashore!

More information about the equestrian centres in Offranville and Hautot-sur-Mer

Funny-looking creatures

Parc de Clères

A few kilometres from Dieppe, there is a large park in the town of Clères. That charming village is worth a visit, in and of itself. At the park though, you can see wallabies, pink flamingos standing on one foot and adorable red pandas. And you will surely catch sight of some peacocks, hopefully displaying their spectacular fans in stunning colours. A dazzling site, indeed…

A unique experience

Wolves and bison

Not far from Dieppe, in Muchedent, in the heart of the gorgeous Varenne Valley, two wildlife parks sit next to one another and will undoubtedly enchant and delight you.

On the one hand, you have Rêve de Bisons. Hop into a military truck to visit the biggest herd of American bison in all of Europe! The guide will also lead you close up and personal with stags, does and bucks, sharing plenty of anecdotes with you about these extraordinary animals.

A few hectares farther along, the bison give way to packs of wolves. We promise, your guided tour will be nothing short of fascinating.