Parc William Farcy Offranville Jean Decaux 8Parc William Farcy Offranville Jean Decaux 8
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William Farcy Park

A family-friendly park

Step inside this peaceful place where heirloom roses get top billing amongst the 2,500 varieties of plants. A splendid cart house reigns over this park, through which a relaxing stream flows…

In the heart of the lovely town of Offranville, known for its authentic dovecotes and its famous twisted church spire, William Farcy Park has 2.5 hectares of beautiful plants.

Established in June 1993, the floral park was named after the man who had been the town’s General Secretary for 20 years and who was the driving force behind this project. There, you can explore 21 theme gardens, punctuated by a lovely waterway crossed by a small wooden bridge which you will be able to pass over during your visit.

A break in the shade is a must, by one of the different watering holes, where benches are installed here and there by large, colourful flowerbeds Between the peaceful pools, the rustling leaves and the heady wave of aromas from the roses, this place gives off a sensation of serenity, like an invitation to reflect and contemplate. The perfect combination for recovering from your hectic daily life.


From A to Z

The star of the park is the elegant, beloved rose. Thanks to Princess Sturdza, a world-renowned, eminent botanist from the region, this flower became the centrepiece of this little slice of heaven. In fact, on the same date as the creation of the garden, in 1993, she described the rose created by André Eve, a rose grower in Pithiviers, as the “Offranville rose”. Thus, from the very beginning, the park was devoted to roses.

A cluster of pleasures

A remarkable 18th century cart house, the remains of an old farmstead, dominates the park. That renovated and converted building is now home to a charming tearoom, with the Jacques-Emile Blanche Museum upstairs. Learn more about that famous French painter, engraver and author who made Offranville his adopted home. Not far away, you can wrap up your day on an unforgettable culinary note at an excellent restaurant, Le Colombier.



Combined ticket

with the Jacques-Emile Blanche Museum

Located upstairs in the Maison du Parc, it is devoted to the painter who lived in Offranville for 40 years.

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