Un couple regardant la plage de Dieppe depuis le panorama du château de DieppeUn couple regardant la plage de Dieppe depuis le panorama du château de Dieppe
©Panorama Château de Dieppe|Teddy Verneuil
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One of the region’s main attractions is of course the coast. The special light in the region but also the changing colours of the ocean are real works of art. Come and discover the panoramic views where the great Impressionists set up their easels. But the valley also contains breathtaking landscapes. So keep your eyes peeled!


From Bonsecours Chapel


A unique viewpoint for observing the lovely Port of Dieppe, but also the town, the sea and the cliffs in the background. The chapel standing behind you is dedicated to sailors lost at sea. During your contemplation, you may even be accompanied by a few goats grazing nearby… An unusual experience, indeed!


From the sailors’ cemetery


Shades of blue, green and grey: the colour palette here is truly impressive. Don’t forget to visit the church right next door, check Georges Braque’s grave and the stained glass windows by Braque and Ubac inside the church. Escape the world alongside great artists…


From the Château de Dieppe


From here, you overlook the town, the beach and the cliffs. A remarkable view which you can also admire from each of the château’s windows. On the lawns inside the fortress, you will see a huge black frame, offering the perfect opportunity for a frame within a frame!


From Pourville-sur-Mer

Offering a superb outlook over the limestone cliffs, this panoramic view was a favourite of Claude Monet, the great Impressionist who lived in Pourville. It is also a source of local pride. Along the coast, stopping here is a must on your tour of the area.


From Sainte-Marguerite-sur-Mer

On the hiking trail, this point looking out on the horizon is terrific and even a little exhilarating! It almost makes you want to run down to the seashore to dip your feet in the water…


From the Château d’Arques

Enjoy a bucolic view of the valley! Three rivers meet in the village of Arques-la-Bataille: the Eaulne, the Béthune and the Varenne. They merge to form the Arques, which flows out at its mouth by the Port of Dieppe. From this promontory, a beautiful green setting opens up, one of the region’s green lungs.