Famille en bottes et tenues hivernales marchant sur la plage à marée basseFamille en bottes et tenues hivernales marchant sur la plage à marée basse
©Plage de Vasterival - Varengeville-sur-Mer|SMA-V. Rustuel
Vasterival Beach

A very discreet maritime gem

A beach worth the effort

Just follow the narrow path suffused with greenery down the side of the cliff to reach the foreshore. The scenery there is magnificent, and the beach is rarely jammed with people. It’s time to relax…

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Come on a whim!

Go on an adventure

An intimate beach

To locate this charming little beach, you will need to take a path and then a very long staircase. You will be walking in what is known as a hanging valley: a large gap splitting the cliff. It’s time to awaken all five senses! You will emerge facing an incredible view, accompanied by the murmuring of waves lapping the shore.

A pebble beach will first appear, followed by chalky white rocks covered with green algae dotting the sand at low tide. And finally, the ocean horizon with, if you’re lucky enough to arrive when the sun is high, brilliant waters in an infinite variety of shades of blue. All that’s left is for you to relax in the peace and quiet of this sweet interlude…

Tips from the Tourist Office

Clotilde Babka DntClotilde Babka Dnt
©Clotilde Babka Dnt

It’s great fun to forage for shellfish, especially mussels, in this area. Take a good look at the calendar, identify the spring tide days and you’re good to go… but preferably bright and early in the morning.

Make sure you follow the posted rules, if you want future generations to be able to experience these pleasures for themselves. Once back home or in your holiday cottage, pull out your pots and grab a nice bottle of white wine. Cheers!

Clotilde, Communications Coordinator

Practical information

This beach straddles the towns of Varengeville-sur-Mer and Sainte-Marguerite-sur-Mer. The best option is to park in the small car park right before the hanging valley.

At times, the hanging valley is inaccessible due to rock slides, so check with the Tourist Office before making your way there.

Dogs on leads are allowed on the beach all year round. Take care and be watchful, because there are no lifeguards here.

Famous panoramic views

The church and the sailors’ cemetery

You may have heard of this famous church by the cliff’s edge. Its actual location is in Varengeville-sur-Mer. On its property, you will find a sailors’ cemetery and stained glass windows by the artist Georges Braque whose final resting place is also there, and of course truly breathtaking views. The real-life version of a famous painting by Monet, right before your eyes!