Personnes prenant un verre en terrasse sur la plage de DieppePersonnes prenant un verre en terrasse sur la plage de Dieppe
©Terrasse sur la plage de Dieppe |Teddy Verneuil
Dieppe Beach

A bustling oceanfront

A must-visit seaside resort

Dieppe Beach, which extends over a distance of 1,500 metres, is teeming with activities. Between swimming, strolling, cycling along trails, sweet treats and more, there is plenty to keep you busy there all day long.

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With the green of the grass on your left and the blue of the ocean on your right, you know you’re in Dieppe, so savour your outing! Stretching 1.5 kilometres in length, this brilliant promenade along the seashore possesses lovely beach huts and delightful shanties from which the delectable aromas of crêpes and waffles waft in the air.

Do you like to swim? You should know that Dieppe is where the trend of sea bathing was launched by the Duchess of Berry. It all began in 1824, when a bathing structure was established there. The use of sea therapy flourished and would continue to do so. Dieppe became a very fashionable seaside resort.

Even nowadays, as soon as the sun peeks out from over the horizon, the beach is taken by storm. And for good reason, because a multitude of activities is on offer at this beach: a large children’s playgroundand a cycling trail where you can also go rollerblading, drive around in pedal-cars, etc. Then, end your day by meeting up for a cool beverage outdoors, at the base of the cliffs, with unbeatable views looking out over the ocean…

Tips from the Tourist Office

Jennifer Brocard DntJennifer Brocard Dnt
©Jennifer Brocard Dnt

This beach is perfect for keeping your kids occupied. And there’s something for every age! I recommend bringing your teens’ skateboards or kick scooters with you.

While your littlest ones play around on the huge wooden boat, your older kids will love speeding around the skate park or rollerblading on the promenade. Other options for younger children include go-karting and miniature golf.

And for your bigger kids, head to the beach station, open during the summer. There, they can go windsurfing, kayaking, paddleboarding and more. Treat them to wonderful memories!

Jennifer, Tourist Adviser

Practical information

During the summer season, the beach is monitored by lifeguards, and Tiralo beach chairs are available to people with reduced mobility.

It is Blue Flag certified, in recognition of the municipality’s commitment to sustainability, ensuring their tourist activities are environmentally friendly.

Dogs on leads are allowed on the beach, outside the summer period (15 June to 15 September).

Dream and get away

Go fly a kite

The skies over Dieppe frequently fill up with the many and bounteous colours of kites. The large grassy fields along Dieppe’s oceanfront, covering no fewer than 8 hectares of land, are truly ideal for getting these contraptions off the ground.

In fact, a global event is even held there every other year, the International Kite Festival. During the month of September, it attracts kite flyers from every continent and hundreds of thousands of spectators. You too can

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