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The Three zones with a « Conservation » grade

The Woods of Bernouville

The Woods of Bernouville represent an ecological path worth discovering. Originally, Hautot sur Mer was a powerful lordly domain. Today, the stately castle of Hautot, built in the 11th century in the Woods of Bernouville, is in ruins. The trees were planted only in the 19th century to create a romantic place in which to walk. It is one of the rare maritime forested massifs.


The Wood of the Communes

The Wood of the Communes, situated on top of the cliffs and dominating the Channel, is spread over 5 ha. It has a very original plantation for Upper Normandy, thanks to its acidic and humid sub soil. There is an air of Brittany or Scotland given out from the grounds of this site.





The “Cap d’Ailly”

The “Cap d’Ailly” is a natural site of over 46ha, overhanging the Channel and is made up of clay and sand. The composition of the soil gives this site the same characteristics as that of the Wood of the Communes in Varengeville-sur-Mer.

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