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Sensitive Nature Areas

Sensitive Nature Areas (ENS – Espaces Naturels Sensibles in French) aim to preserve the quality of sites, landscapes, natural environments, and the species that live there; so as to ensure that our territory's remarkable and natural heritage remains intact. This also allows such areas to be prepared for public access – unless they are too exceptionally fragile to be visited.


Free hikes are organized all year long on 3 ENS sites in the Dieppe Maritime Agglomeration. Check our calendar online to know the dates


Bernouville Woods (POURVILLE-SUR-MER)

Bois de Bernouville

The Bernouville Woods, which cover an area of 49 hectares, are a remarkable and ecological place to go for a stroll. Originally, Hautot-sur-Mer was a powerful seigneurial estate. Nowadays, only ruins remain of the Lords of Hautot's 11th century castle in the Bernouville Woods. The trees were only planted in the 19th century for the site to become a romantic place to walk through. It is one of the rare maritime forests harbouring an astonishing floral diversity in spring. Nowadays the site is owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral.




Bois des communes


Covering a surface area of just over 5 hectares, the wood is situated on the clifftop and overlooks the Channel. The Communes Woods is home to particularly original fauna and vegetation for the Haute Normandy region thanks to its specific acidic and humid subsoil. This is why characteristics of a Scottish of Breton landscape transpire through the site's moors.





Cap d'Ailly



This nature site covering 46 hectares overlooks the Channel and is covered in sandy and clayey soils – giving it the same characteristics as the Communes Woods in Varengeville-sur-Mer.




 Conservatoire du littoral

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