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Parks and gardens

Le Bois des Moutiers


Le bois des Moutiers is an important tourist site, internationally known for its architectural, botanical and artistic qualities. Created by Guillaume Mallet in 1898, the gardens surrounding the house were designed by the architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, in collaboration with the landscape artist Miss Gertrude Jekill. Edwin Lutyens built a house, inspired by the Art and Crafts movement, unique in France

Opening :

Open 15th March to 15th November, 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm.


Le Bois des Moutiers
Route de l’Eglise
76119 Varengeville-sur-Mer
Tél : 02 35 85 10 02 ou 02 35 83 85 09 / Fax : 02 35 85 46 98
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« Shamrock »


Shamrock has the world’s largest collection of hydrangea and the aim is to research and identify new plants. The garden is spread over 2ha and has more than 1400 plants obtained by successive selections made by horticulturists. Some of the plants of the collection are unique in the western world. Very often they come from Japan, cradle of a vast variety of hydrangeas. The collection was started in 1984.




Opening :

Open mid-June to end September 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm. Closed Tuesday morning.

From mid-September to end September: closed every morning and on Tuesday.


Association des Amis de la collection d’Hydrangea
Route du Manoir d’Ango
76119 Varengeville-sur-Mer
Tél. : 02 35 85 14 64
Mail :


The William Farcy Park

The William Farcy Park is an English garden dedicated to the old rose and has 18 theme gardens where you can admire almost 2500 varieties of plants. You will be received in an old cart house of the 18th century, the 1st floor of which is renovated and converted into a museum. The museum is dedicated to the famous 20th century painter-writer Jacques-Emile Blanche.



Opening :

Open 1st April to 15th October: 10am to 6pm. Closed on Tuesday.


Parc Floral « William Farcy »
1, rue Jehan Veron
BP 4
76550 Offranville
Tél : 02 35 85 40 42 / Fax : 02 35 04 24 54
Mail :


The garden of Vasterival


The garden of Vasterival was created by the Princess Margareta Sturdza. It is a very special garden which seduces amateur gardeners as well as the greatest botanists and horticultural specialist. A self taught gardener, the Princess Sturdza acclimatized this valley and introduced more than 10,000 species and varieties of plants from the most common to the rarest. By developing special techniques of plantation, composition and maintenance, the Princess gradually transformed the original copse into a magical wooded area. There is a permanent evolution of shapes, colours, perfumes and lights.


Opening :

Open all year on reservation only. Reserve several days in advance


Jardin le Vasterival
Route du Phare d’Ailly346, Allée Albert Roussel
76119 Sainte-Marguerite-sur-Mer
Tél. : 02 35 85 12 05
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The Castle of Miromesnil


The Castle of Miromesnil (16th and 17th centuries) is one of the most beautiful in France. Guy de Maupassant was born there on 5th August 1850. The house presents several architectural styles and houses souvenirs of the families having lived there. In the park you will find an impressive Lebanese cedar tree, as well as a wonderful example of a kitchen food garden.





Ouverture :


Open daily from 1st April to 1st November, 2pm to 6pm. Last entrance at 5.15pm


Château de Miromesnil
76550 Tourville-sur-Arques
Tél. : 02 35 85 02 80 / Fax : 02 35 85 55 05
Mail :

The Forest of Arques-la-Bataille

The Arques Forest extends on a plateau of 2400 acres and is limited to the north by the river Eaulne and to the south by the river Béthune. This forest is a vestige of the Aliermont forest that used to cover the plateau by the same name. This property of the Dukes of Normandy escaped deforestation, which destroyed the complete central part of this massif. It became the Royal Forest when Normandy was attached to the French Crown and after the Revolution, a National Forest.

The forest is laid out in clusters of sessile oak trees and beeches. At 150 years of age the old trees are replaced by semi-naturals and plantations of oak and beech in plots of 24 acres.

You may find old ammunition or shells, because the forest was used for storage of ammunition during the Second World War. Any fond must be notified to the O.N.F. The names of some cross roads (Rond des Ligueurs) and forest routes (Route Henri IV) remind us of the famous battle won by Henri IV over the Duke of Mayenne in 1589.

These beautiful wooded clusters and wide forest routes make this forest a very well liked place for walks by the inhabitants of Dieppe and by tourists


Forêt d’Arques-la-Bataille
76880 Arques-la-Bataille
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