Festival Cerfs Volants Dieppe Yann Pelcat 35Festival Cerfs Volants Dieppe Yann Pelcat 35
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Every 2 year in septemberInternational Kite Festival

International Kite Festival

Every other year, the Norman skies above Dieppe take on all the colours of the rainbow, to our visitors’ delight. The grassy fields by the beach host a fabulous ballet of multicoloured kites from the four corners of the earth.

> The next festival will be held in September 2025 <

Dance with the wind

For 10 days in September, the world’s biggest kite festival takes over the eight hectares of grassy fields in Dieppe. Hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected to come for the event.

For each edition, the best pilots and teams of acrobatic kite flyers, the biggest artists and also a wide array of traditional kiting enthusiasts transform the sky into a giant, windy playground. Parades, performances, concerts and contests are also on the programme. Each edition has its own theme. After themes like “Fauna and Flora”, “Woman”, “The Five Elements”, “Primitive Art” and “The Fantastic World”, 2022 will be showcasing “The Planet”, which promises a veritable treasure trove of astonishing creations…

An ethnic event

The aerial spectacle is accompanied by world music, and spectators can also attend performances and explore exhibitions, because the festival also cultivates intercultural actions. Those actions promote artists working in a multitude of disciplines, like sculpture, music and painting, organized around pure sporting competitions and scientific experiments.

A festival for the people, first and foremost

Above and beyond the festival’s most iconic performances, given by day and by night, including acrobatic ballets and kite fights, its heart is that of a free event for the people. Young and old alike can watch all of the shows and also learn how to build and pilot kites. Parts of the fields are set aside for amateurs to try their hands at the sport.

Lastly, you can wander through the kite shops selling a wide selection of contraptions, from stunt kites to traditional kites, and from the simplest designs for kids to the most sophisticated models for experts. You can also stop by the bar/restaurant for something to eat and drink.