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Friends of old Dieppe

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In 1894, Camille COCHE, who was the deputy Mayor of Dieppe, showed his interest in the local history, the future of the town and its development. As Mayor of the town of Dieppe from 3rd December 1898 to 21st September 1910, he acquired the old Castle of Dieppe, in the midst of being demilitarized, for the town. Camille COCHE, who was passionate about the future of his town, fulfilled the wish made by the Commission of Fine Arts of Dieppe. He was in fact a member of this commission and was greatly concerned with the future of the Castle. A temporary commission was thus created for the redaction of the status of the Association.



The aim of this association was to:


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Defend and enhance the movables and real estate concerning the history of Dieppe and its region.

Create a centre of relations and studies between the Friends of Old Dieppe, the use of the works and researches by everybody and the control of these researches.

Carry out all the procedures with the public authorities at all levels and with the public and private administrations.








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